Nanga Gatta Anga Gatta, in 1998.

Hengaba Ting Ting Hongaba Ting Ting in 1998.

Ti'khar in 1999

Jumangi Rang in 2000.

Chankoy in 200l.

Charkarni Nok in 2002

Rupalim in 2003.

Madaiah the Cobbler in 2005.

To' Poidam in 2007.

Dangai in 2008.

Re-produced of Madaiah the Cobbler in 2009.

Dumukchi in 2010.


Silent Reality in 2012.

Rhythm Of The Valley in 2014.

Echo Of Life in 2014.

Barnamala in 2015

Nukhar Rengchakayni Gopchani in 2016

Son of Earth Mother 2018

Theatre Workshops

Workshops for adults and theatre enthusiasts are organized in the month of March. These workshops are held by senior artists for a period of at least one month. Participants immerse themselves into the world of theatre and learn the nuances from experienced artists. Many of Badungduppa’s current members first visited Badungduppa to attend one of these workshops.

Children's Workshops

Every year, Badunduppa organizes a month-long theatre workshop for children in the nearby villages during the summer holidays. Children are taught the basics of theatre and the workshop culminates in a play performed by children. Education through theatre is an idea integral to these workshops. Children apart from learning about theatre also develop important life skills such as confidence, clear diction, presentation skills and team work. Badungduppa believes that theatre can play an important role in providing holistic education to children.

Under the Sal Tree theatre festival

Under the Sal Tree: Under the Sal Tree is an annual research oriented theatre festival that aims to explore new possibilities in the field of theatre. A brain child of Badungduppa Kalakendra, this popular theatre festival is conducted every year for 3 days from 15th December. About 7-8 plays are selected every year from entries received from several national and international theatre groups.